How The Bramal Centre Was Used During WWII

The Bramall provides a staggering 5,000 sq. ft. of fresh air, natural light and unique living space. The exterior boasts a large south-facing terrace with access to the garden, while the ground floor hosts a private cinema room with spectacular views of the river.

The chief architect behind the Bramall’s design is award-winning John Pawson who has described it as “a house for today” that will comfortably accommodate both modern life and traditional family values.

The Bramall is the perfect place to take in the best views in Sheffield and enjoy a relaxing environment.

Bramall is a house that has been home to the Dukes of Norfolk for over 800 years. It is situated in the village of Brampton near Newark with its own lake, gardens and woodland with many avian species.

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The Bramall Centre’s Role Throughout History

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The Bramall story starts with a bold idea. One that challenged the norms of property development and sparked a revolution in the property market.

In 1998, property developer John Bramall set out to create a new type of residential building – one that would offer its occupants the freedom to buy what they wanted, when they wanted, without being constrained by outdated design or long waiting lists.

Largely because of this uncompromising vision, The Bramall stands out from other developments today – it is an icon of modern living, and an exemplar for all those who want to live well and live now.

What Happened to the British Home Front in 1945?

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